Philips Norelco 1160X/42 SensoTouch 2D Reviews

Philips has always been a depending brand. Not only is this brand dependable the Philips electric shaving models tend to give the closest shave possible compared to other electric shavers trying to compete with a manual shaver.

Lets dig (or shave) deeper into the models features, shall we?


This shaver like it’s older brother Norelco SensoTouch 3D comes with the GyroFlex 2D motion technology that allows for optimal flexibility as the whole shaving head assembly can incline at any angle simultaneously, the individual shaving heads themselves can move towards the center independently.

Pivot, slope, and glide in any direction you need and the blades travel behind.


The Norelco 1160x/42 (also known as the 1160cc) requires a full one-hour charge, which results in a 50-minute shaving timespan not too great compared to higher-end models that deliver a full 60-minutes but with the lower price tag a 10-minute shortage isn’t too terrible.

Also with this shaver, you can’t shave while plugged in, which means if you run out of power mid-shave you have two choices.

Choice A. Run around crazy looking for that disposable razor


Choice B. Run a quick charge for a few minutes to give you enough power to even out your shave.

One nice feature is that it does come with a battery life indicator. You will know when you’re about to lose power so you can concentrate more on having an even shave instead of worrying too much about a close shave if you don’t have extra time to wait for any additional charging.


The cleaning system is pretty simple. Just face the shaver head first into the cleaning/charging stand and with just a push of a button it will begin the cleaning process. The shaver doesn’t just get cleaned the cleaning jet system also lubricates simultaneously while charging the shaver.

If you’re okay with cleaning your shaver manually and want to save some money, look for brands that don’t contain the letters “cc” or the numbers “42” in it.

Look for models with /40 in the product description to save you some money because even with the /42 model you don’t necessarily have to spend money on all those cleaning solutions. Simply take off the shaving head assembly and run under water and shake dry. This process is not as effective of a clean as you would get by using the Jet System but if you mix it up (every three uses clean with jet system and just rinse in water the other days) you can save some money without causing your blades to deteriorate.


This shaver deserves its place with other great shavers and it may have less bragging right’s than the SensoTouch 3D line but with less money it holds its own.

The Jet system works great and give the shave a full service performance but if you’re okay with a manual clean then go for the products without the jet system to save some money. All in all it’s a mighty fine shaver.

Other Philips shavers: Philips Norelco AT830 Reviews

Philip Norelco AT830

Philip Norelco AT830
The Philip Norelco AT830 model isn’t there top dog like Norelco SensoTouch 3D 1250x but if you want to save money without losing quality this shaver is a grand choice.

It comes with a Dual Precision System geared towards to cutting your long and short hairs separately. The Super Lift and Cut technology helps to prevent and reduce skin irritation by cutting better and fight off tugging of the hairs.


This shaver is equipped with an AquaTec seal leaving you with the choice of whether to dry shave or enjoy a wet shave without all those messy gels and foams—while saving money on those unneeded products. Now you can get a nice close shave while in your shower without worrying about skin discomfort.

One hour of charging will gain you 50-minutes worth of cordless shaving. Plus this shaver offers you a “quick charge” where you don’t have to be afraid of the shaver dying out on you mid-shave requiring a mere THREE MINUTES to give your shaver enough power to finish up the last few hairs.


Pretty simple in the maintenance department as it comes with a protective cap to protect the screens and a brush for effortless cleaning.


• The quick charge is a great feature when you only have a few spots left mid-shave and don’t have time to wait a full hour to get some power

• Wet and dry shaving experience with its AquaTec seal.

• Dual Precision that will adjust to the contours of your face cutting both short and long hairs.

• Super Lift & Cut technology that leaves no flat-lying hairs unscathed.

• Replacement parts are relatively low in cost.


I wouldn’t use this shaver if it’s been a couple days since your last. Keep it a daily shaver for optimal results.

• You cannot use this shaver while plugged in and with a full charge you only get 50-minutes of shave time (even though this shaver offers a quick charge you wouldn’t need the quick charge feature if this shaver provided the common full hour that other shavers give)
• This shaver doesn’t have any “look at me” features that wouldn’t necessarily be a problem except for the one special feature that all shavers should have. An LED time display to let you know when you’re running out of juice to do a quick all over shave to at least have a some what even shave without resorting to any disposable shavers lying around.

Overall, this is a good shaver for its price but meant more for the beginner as the shave doesn’t provide the closest shave possible based on what I’ve read from consumer’s that have bought this model. They all still enjoyed this shaver but it could be better.

Philips Norelco 1250x SensoTouch 3D Review

Philips Norelco 1250x SensoTouch 3D Review
Rather have a rotary versus a foil shaver? Philips Norelco has what you need. Check it out.

The Philips Norelco 1250x SensoTouch 3D has what they call a GyroFlex Contouring 3d system that is so flexible it takes on all different types of facial shapes. It has three different components that work independently with the three rotary heads where they can flex outwards and inwards. They help give the closest shave possible with little to no skin irritation.

Super lift & cut system

The Super lift & cut system challenges and succeeds in the battle of the flat-lying hairs that are challenging to cut and manage for so many people. This system will cut those flat-lying hairs below your facial baseline with no discomfort.


With its anti-slip grip, this shaver is very convenient in the shower, as this shaver can also be used wet without worrying about dropping onto your shower’s tough floor. Not only does it prevent slipping in the shower the ergonomic design gives you the ability for a more accurate shaving experience.

The Norelco 1250x looks and feels like a top quality shaver. Aside from the plastic exterior this shaver can blend in with top of the line exteriors because of its sleek and sexy black glossy finish and a strong and solid build.


When traveling, do expect to take along with you the charging stand. You can only charge this shaver with the stand and one full charge provides you with 50-minutes of shaving time. The BRAUN 7 SERIES lets you charge directly from cord to shaver without the need of the charging station providing that you don’t shave in the shower while plugged in, ha!

This shaver does give you a 3 level battery indicator. Lets you know when your battery is low and needing a full charge.


If you’re shaving with creams and gels then it’s recommended that you clean your shaver after every use, but if you’re only dry shaving you really only need to clean after 2 or 3 uses (still recommended to clean after each use but this rule is more lax when used dry) and open the three shaving heads and simply rinse under running water but leave the heads open to air dry.


The best shave you can expect to experience in terms of the closest shave when dealing with an electric shaver. No electric shaver can compete with the results of a manual shaver but the skin irritating properties of a manual razor keep bringing men back to the electric shavers. The Rotary heads are best for those with sensitive skin and the SensoTouch 3D delivers a clean and comfortable shave.

The ergonomic design of this shaver allows you to shave effortlessly on all tough to shave areas and can cover larger surfaces, which would be ideal for those that want to be hairless on top, as well — Check out out some more great electric shaver reviews


I really don’t have anything negative to say about this shaver as it delivers the closest shave possible for an electric shaver.

The only negative aspect which is minor is that the charge could last longer or better yet allow you to charge directly from cord to shaver without the charging stand, so you wouldn’t have to worry about running low on battery or take charging station with you when traveling.